Yamandú Roos

Artist Yamandú likes to say the word “accumulation” to describe himself. Beauty and simplicity, beauty inside simplicity and the way things naturally come together is what keeps him going. Inside a healthy playground, there is an ongoing activity with different kinds of output. He is always looking around, distracted and concentrated, scanning with or without purpose his surroundings, allowing the heart to see beyond what the eye captures.

Advertising photography & direction a.o.: Nike – Converse – Philips – Canon – KPN hi – TELE 2 – Rabobank – Volksbank – Raiffeisenbank – ING – Sportlife – K Swiss – Bugaboo – Citroën – Parool  Elsevier – Campina

Exhibitions: 2018 October CITY BOY, Gallery de Schans, Amsterdam – 2018 June CITY BOY Itoi Arts Gallery Kamiyama, Japan
2017 September END OF SUMMER 17, SEXYLAND Book release and installation – 2017 May Open Atelier in Kamiyama, Japan
2016 May Release 1a 1999 a book about J Dilla and 1d published by Print The Future (book with images taken at Mazzo)
2015 June Book Launch at Lloyd Hotel EUROPEANS IVb published by Red Lebanese – 2015 April 10 year Jubilee exhibition and book launch EUROPEANS IV a published by Red Lebanese. (Kuvva Gallery)
2014 October Expo at Kominek Gallery Berlin EUROPEANS – 2014 September Group Expo at Unseen (The Weekender Trailer Show)
2013 October Weekender #14, EUROPEANS
2012 August 3 Millones in Lincoln Center NY triple screening of movie made with his father – 2012 February EUROPEANS exhibition and talk at Two for Joy
2011 November Premiere 3 Millones in Uruguay – 2011 February EUROPEANS exhibition and talk at Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam
2009 Summer Participant at GOAL football group expo at CBK Rotterdam
2007 October Expo in FOAM with Suriname Jungle Photographs for Totomboti foundation made while residing in small village Pikien Slee
2006 90 x 90, 90 SQM, Amsterdam – 2006 Playtime, Nike studio in Paris and Milan
2005 October Uruguayos Campeones, Olympic stadium Amsterdam

Yamandú Roos lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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3 Millones Trailer

  My neighbor Part II  

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